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About Our Company

What are the advantages that Revenue Giants offers me compared to other affiliate programs?

Our affiliate program was born out of consultations with affiliates members who wanted a program that aside from helping them make money online would allow them to promote multiple sites with extraordinary conversion, easily achievable high commission rates and access to advanced reporting tools.

Who runs Revenue is the Casino and Bingo Affiliate program owned and run by RevenueGiants. We have been running the program since 2005, paying out affiliates in a timely manner.

What is our mission?

Our players are our greatest assets, therefore we continuously strive to establish an honest and trustworthy relationship with each and every individual who has seen us achieve exceptional retention rates, amazing life time values per player and have made lots of money with our affiliate program. Do not let the opportunity of making money online get away! Our amazing program and our website's prestige will facilitate it!

Are there any fees involved to join RG?

No, joining Revenue Giants is completely free of charge. Upon registration you will have access to ALL our brands so you can decide which ones to promote.

Why should I choose Revenue Giants?

All our Sites guarantee a fair, secure and confidential gambling environment. We use the most advanced encryption and data protection methods and standards. Our focus is not only making money with affiliate programs but to build long lasting business relations with our affiliates.


How does the system track my referrals?

Your referrals are tracked by the unique URL (banner, landing page, mailer, etc) assigned to you. The system detects it and credits you for the referred player. You can find your referral link by visiting the "Add Units" section, click on links and then on edit

How often are my stats updated?

Our system is coded to show real time stats. That is to say, when you generate the report the data that appears on your screen displays all the activity that has occurred up to the minute that you requested the details.

Where do I check my clicks?

To check your clicks log into your account entering your username and password, then go to Statistics on the left, select the brand you would like to check your clicks Winward Casino, BingoHall, etc... Click on "Current Month" and click on the name of the link, the information displayed will show you how many clicks every specific banner or link has received.


When will my earnings be processed?

All Revenue Giants affiliates are paid once a month at the end of the month. Affiliates must meet a minimum payment requirement which is set at $50. If the minimum is not reached, the commissions are carried over to the following month until you gain a total amount of $50.

Which payment method can I use to cash out my commission?

Our program pays its affiliates at the end of every month. They can choose from several payment options like Neteller (minimum $50), Ecocard (minimum $50), Skrill (minimum $50), Bank Wire which is free of charge (commission must exceed $1000) and Papercheck (minimum $100, maximum $8,900, $40 sending fee). For every returned check due to wrong info or unclaimed message, affiliates will pay $60 penalty fee.)

What is a charge back and does it affect my earnings?

A charge back is the reversal of a charge or deposit made on behalf of the cardholder that was already credited to the merchant's account. It does have an effect on your earnings because the charge back amount will be always deducted from the net win before calculating the commission due to the affiliate.

How can I update my payment method details?

Log into your Revenue Giants account, go to MY PROFILE then to Update Details click on it and scroll down, go to Account Details. Once in Account Details, click on UPDATE. Click on the drop down menu arrow, select the new payment method, fill out the required fields and click on Update. Close the pop up window go back to your account details page and click on SAVE.

Account Details

If I lost my account information where do I retrieve it?

Due to company policies you will have to submit an email to [email protected] using the same email address filed in your profile. Don't forget to include your full name and address. Your information will be confirmed and your details will be forwarded as soon as possible.

How can I update my Affiliate account details?

Log into your Revenue Giants account, go to MY PROFILE then to Update Details click on it and scroll down update your account information and click on SAVE.

How can I unsubscribe from your mailings?

To unsubscribe from our newsletter feel free to send an email to [email protected] so we can remove you from our mailing list. If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter once again, just send an email to that same address.

Marketing Tools

How to add a banner?

Log into your account, then go to Ad Units (Banners) on the left, select the brand you would like to upload banners or links from, e.g. Winward casino, BingoHall, etc... Select "Links Summary" which takes you to the landing page URL's we have available for that particular brand. Click on the Landing Page URL Link to view. Once you have decided which one you like best, click on "New" Banners will automatically reflect - Give your banner a name (type in the yellow box) and Select the banner and click on "Create Link" your newly created banner link will appear within the inverted commas.

Where can I find marketing material and tools?

You will find our marketing material in our Promotional Content section. Keep in mind that you can always request customized advertising from us.

How to Add New Content?

You can find free content written by our top copy writers, games descriptions and more. under "Content", below "Resources" you'll be able to see this after you have logged into Revenue Giants. All articles have been uploaded under the site they are relevant to.

Contact Us

Who do I contact in case I have questions, comments or suggestions?

If our FAQ didn't answer your questions, please contact us. You can address all your concerns to our Affiliate Account Manager who is available via email at [email protected] or via phone at +1 678-349-0597 responses are forwarded within 24 hours (Monday to Friday during business hours). You can also use our internal message board, which can be accessed under "Profile" below "Messages" after you have logged into Revenue Giants.

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