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CPA Affiliates Profit Share.Free Affiliate Program

Revenue Giants operates under various commission structures: Revenue Share, CPA and a hybrid, our default commission is revenue share, however, the other two commission structures; CPA and Hybrid are negotiable.

Net Gaming

Monthly Rate



$10,000 - $24,999


$25,000 +


Net Gaming

Collective commissions on Net Gaming are totaled at the end of the month for all sites. Summed up, it is simple: adding any deposits made that month and subtracting any withdrawals for the same month.

Example The commission is 30% of the NET GAMING. Net Gaming is determined by adding the total deposits for the month and subtracting total withdrawals for the month.

Net Gaming = Deposits - Withdrawals

For example if a client has a total worth of $1,000 in monthly deposits and the players withdraw $500 during that same period, the total “net win” would be $500. At 30% commission rate, that affiliate would be paid $150 (30% of $500) in this case. Now if that same affiliate had a total worth of $1,000 in monthly deposits and $1,500 worth of withdrawals the same month (because his/her players won money) then the “net win” would be of -$500 for that particular 30 day period. In other words, we would lose money, the affiliate would have a negative balance and he/she would not earn their commission in this example. On the following month we will not count the negative balance as we will start fresh. Full details can be found in our no negative carry over section below. More details in our FAQ section.


No Negative Carry Over

Unlike other affiliate programs, we don’t carry over a negative balance. This means that your profit share will not be affected since negative balances are not carried over to the following month. You start every month with a clean slate especially if you have winners that process large withdrawals greater than your current month’s earnings; another great reason to join our affiliate program.


2nd Tier

Revenue Giants also offers a 2nd tier option, which is negotiable. In case you're interested in referring sub-affiliates to our program, don't hesitate to contact us at support[at]
The 2nd tier commission is usually calculated by a % Revenue share of the Sub Affiliate's commission. For example: if your Sub-Affiliate's earnings are $5,000 and your 2nd tier commission is set for 2%, you will easily earn $100.
We reserve the right to decline a specific Sub-Affiliate and/or restrict the 2nd tier option.

Affiliate Program Payment Process

Revenue Giants affiliate program pays profit share to its affiliates at the end of every month. They can choose from several payment options like Neteller (minimum $50), Ecocard (minimum $50), Skrill (minimum $50), Bank Wire which is free of charge (minimum $1000) and Papercheck (minimum $100, maximum $8,900, $40 sending fee). We share huge profit with our affiliates, so don't miss out and register for free in our affiliate program.
Express your payout questions or concerns by emailing affiliates[at]

Share Comprehensive Reporting

Revenue Giants is an affiliate program with free registration we deliver a crystal clear reporting system for affiliates, tracking all stats from click to deposit with an automated Profit share calculation.
This makes our affiliates feel confident and secure with their profit share working with reliable and real time stat’s affiliate program like Revenue Giants.

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