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In the following section you may find out about our Spam Policy.

Preventing Spam

As part of our work ethics, we have combined a group effort to provide all of our partners with a first class service to help them achieve their goals through the bingo and casino sites promoted at Revenue Giants. We are firm believers in law abiding marketing material and tactics; this is why we are stern detractors of Spamming practices in any shape or form.

It is imperative that all Revenue Giants existing and potential members are aware of the fact that we are absolutely AGAINST any type of spamming or any related activity, particularly if it’s performed by our affiliates using our affiliate program name and the sites we represent.

Revenue Giants in accordance with basic commercial standards will determine which material is considered spam mail. If any affiliate incurs in spamming activities at any moment they will be stripped of any earnings acquired through spamming. In case that this is a reoccurring matter, the affiliate will be expelled and the account will be permanently closed.

What is Spam?

Spam is commonly known as “Unsolicited Bulk E-mail” or “Junk Mail” which is unsolicited information sent to a great number of online users via e-mail without their consent. The information is usually irrelevant and it’s not anticipated.

How can Revenue Giants Help You Avoid Spamming?

This list will help you to determine what not to do if you are a reputable bulk e-mail sender:
• Do not collect e-mail addresses by automated means without consent of the owner of such an e-mail address, for example through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
• Inform clients as clear and simple as possible, how they can opt out or unsubscribe from receiving e-mails from your site.
• Never use or send e-mails that include fake or voided headers.
• Do not go out of your way to mask the information regarding the root of the bulk e-mail.
• Do not use internet domains belonging to a third party.
• Do not send e-mails with fake or deceptive information in the content or subject line.
• Using illegal or blocked IP addresses.
Following the previous suggestions will help us both fight the Spam "disease" as to avoid very long lasting negative consequences like being blacklisted and being considered as spammers in the worst case scenario.

Reporting Spam

If you believe you have received spam through one of our affiliates, please send us a complaint with the unsolicited email to [email protected] If possible, please provide us with any other information that you might consider relevant to our investigation. "Anonymous" spam complaints will not be investigated.

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