Our Affiliate Program

Our program is designed to meet the need of casino and bingo affiliates 365 days/year. It comes with digital solutions comprising excellent offers and player retention, easy to obtain and high commissions and efficient reporting tools.

Our clients

Our portfolio includes 7 major bingo clients and 8 trustworthy casino brands with remarkable player retention results, bringing you the highest commissions in the industry.


In your affiliate account, you can find clear and comprehensive tools to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Dedicated Managers

With a solid marketing background, our team's commitment and experience will guide you throughout the process of becoming one of our most successful affiliates.

Performance based marketing with real-time reporting stats

Register for free into our program and we'll deliver a crystal clear reporting system, tracking all your stats from clicks to deposits and automated profit share calculation.

Our servers provide reporting stats once every 15 minutes on critical data: clicks, sales, commissions.

We have customized filters to see performance per country, per landing page, per offer and conduct A/B testing.

We offer a built-in LiveHelp section for instant communication with your account manager.

Powerful tools to target massive audience

We're working with all possible monetization models and traffic types, while guaranteeing 360 exposure for our clients. Global audience and maximum profitability at a mouseclick!





Native Ads




Size does matter when it comes to your earnings!

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